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Auburn Homes
Auburn Homes is one of Southeast Wisconsin's premier builders of custom homes. As a home builder, we've chosen to focus on building a smaller number of higher quality homes.

We provide mortgage brokerage and real estate brokerage services. Our professionals work together to create a seamless transition from your old house to your new Auburn Home.Unlike most builders, Auburn Homes will accommodate your changes at any phase of the project, from start to finish.

Our Gift to You
Imagine this: the worker's trucks, tools and materials are all gone. Everything has been installed, adjusted, trimmed, sanded, painted, covered, and finished. There's nothing left at your house butů. Your house.

And a lot of cleanup.

That's when most builders say they're done. We take it one step further. We bring in professional cleaners to vacuum, mop, wipe down and polish your new home.

You'll have plenty of other things to do when you move in, so we provide this service as part of our finishing touch. We want your first days in your new dream home to be completely enjoyable. It's our gift to you.

The Continental Divide Co.
The Continental Divide Company also develops land into neighborhoods of Distinction; at any given time we're likely to have two or three active developments in the Metro Milwaukee area.

Please select the Subdivisions link to view our available developments.

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