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Auburn Homes has built custom homes all over the metro Milwaukee area. We are one of Southeast Wisconsin's premier builders of custom homes. We're not the largest home builder. We've chosen instead to focus on building a smaller number of higher quality homes.

When it comes time to start drawing plans, Auburn also has the in-house advantage. Instead of working with an independent architect, Auburn staff can draft home plans directly with the client.

If you have any questions, the person who draws your plan is right there. You can change the plans, that's the advantage of building homes on a smaller scale.


The Continental Divide Company develops land into neighborhoods of distinction; at any given time we're likely to have two or three active developments in the greater metro Milwaukee area.

The Continental Divide Company has developed several subdivisions in Washington and Waukesha counties, with lots currently available in: Scenic Grove located in the Richfield area and our newest development, Prairie Hollow located in the town of Merton.

Please take a moment to find out more about Auburn Homes and the Continental Divide Company.

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